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Zero Negative is Boston’s premier software development, online marketing, and web technology solutions provider for businesses and organizations of all sizes.
Founded by a native Bostonian, we offer a unique and bespoke approach to software development.
Our Core Points of Emphasis

High Quality Solutions. Quality is paramount. Every solution and service we deliver goes through a rigorous quality assurance process overseen by the owners themselves, and adheres to professional industry standards.
Top Reliability. For every service we provide, reliability is key. We only use the most reliable “tried and true” technologies and development methods that we know will provide the most solid product.
Skilled Team. All members of our team are experts in their craft. You can rest easy knowing that every aspect of our services is being carried out by industry leading professionals, hand-picked by us for their exceptional talents.

More Information

Hourly rates:
$100 - $150/hour
No. of Employees:
2 - 10
Year Established: