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Zebralove Web Solutions is serious about making great looking websites that are easily found on search engine, but we like to have fun too!
Milly Welsh was born in Portland Maine. Her mother was an illegal alien from Neptune, her father was a Engineer. One of the defining moments in Milly’s life was the day back in 1982, when Milly was just 2 years old. Milly was at the beach when she was captured by an extremely overfed jellyfish and taken out to sea. Milly managed to inflict pain on the jellyfish with a diaper pin and escaped, yet the problem still remained that she could not swim. Milly would have perished had not a roaming band of pirates spotted her and taken her aboard. The pirates raised her as their own, leading her into a life of thieving and plundering. Milly grew up to be a famous pirate along the Portland coast. She became known as “Pirate Milly”, reeking havoc on all who crossed her path. Although Milly enjoyed all the excitement of being a pirate, deep down inside she knew it wasn’t the life for her. She yearned for a more meaningful life. Milly finally decided in 1997 to give up the life of a pirate and return to the land. Milly was promptly shocked at the life she was expected to live. A life filled with 50-hour work weeks at a job she hated, hours of traffic to go a short distance, every necessity having to be bought and paid for. Being brought up in the simple life with the pirates, Milly was very put off by all the media, misinformation and commercialism of the life on land. Milly thought “there has to be a way out of all this”, and there was…
Milly went to art school and left Maine to move to Chicago in 1999, where she attended the School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago. She fell in love with ceramics, animation and art and tech. Milly used all of these mediums to illustrate her frustrations with the life on land along with other social and environmental issues that she was concerned with.
In 2006 Milly decided to use both her love for technology and design together and started the web development company, Zebralove Web Solutions. Her goal is to help the local small businesses compete with big businesses on the web!

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$15 - $25/hour
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2 - 10
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