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Helping you Tech Happily.
We are a collective of executive and senior-level professionals that are dedicated to building the right thing, the right way and our people have put in hours (upon hours) of hands-on coding to do it.  Through collaborative exploration with you, they fathom and evolve each project to its fullest potential.
We’ve been immersed in software builds for decades. From hands-on coding to management methodology, we have the experience needed to navigate today’s technology landscape. Our CTOs and lead engineers are comfortable in the Matrix and just as capable in the meeting room, allowing us to custom tailor development teams from our ranks and integrate at scale with business leadership.
Before we build your software, we build your team. Shaped by your project specifications and captained by a lead engineer, this team is our promise of a purpose-built solution. Whether it’s sized and staffed for a one-off project, an entire application, or even a series of applications, your Tech9 team covers the inherent complexities to produce that beautiful thing you’re after.
We collaborate.  We care.  We code.

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Hourly rates:
$75 - $100/hour
No. of Employees:
26 - 50
Year Established: