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Plasma Computing Group

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Plasma is internationally known for its Digital Transformation Solutions, including  Big Data, Analytics, Workflows automation, CRM, vendor management, asset management, Field service Management, artificial intelligence (AI),  BI, IoT & Machine Learning platforms.
A global company, headquartered in Dallas, TX., Plasma is a provider of technology-fueled business Solutions. Our customized Solutions deliver the transformative operational and competitive advantages necessary to drive business growth and to maximize financial results. Our Solutions provide a comprehensive suite of capabilities that enable any enterprise to convert business-critical processes that are manual, isolated, and data-poor into processes that are integrated, automated, and data-rich.
Plasma’s Digital Transformation Solutions are powered by a strong foundation of technologies, including: Big Data, Analytics, Workflows, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, and Mobile Enablement. These technologies will provide the backbone for the transformation of your business into a digital enterprise; an enterprise that is able to automate its processes, connect to its data-sources, aggregate and visualize that data, and then make data-driven decisions that have real impact.

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