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Nowigence is one of the first companies to develop a fully automated platform that reads and comprehends data in real-time and does these 6,000 times faster than humans. We are commercial already and have been since the beginning of our product development when early adopters wanted to help us develop machines to read. Our objective is to be a virtual assistant tailored to meet the needs of every individual user who subscribes. Our real-time reading and comprehension platform that processing large amounts of unstructured data was launched recently in July. It is increasingly gaining customer traction. Nowigence specializes in developing novel techniques in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to extract laser-focused content, mimicking human comprehension, from millions of sentences published in a multitude of sources (internal or external) daily. It’s changing the way sales, marketing, and internal teams build strategies, make decisions, identify risks, and win business.

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$25 - $50/hour
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26 - 50
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