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Welcome to Limelight Marketing, LLC… the last stop you’ll need to make when it comes to selecting a trustworthy lead generation partner for your personal injury law firm.  Our #1 goal is to provide a steady flow of high-quality, local personal injury leads who are ready for an initial consultation.  We do things a little differently here with an end game of maximizing the ROI of your marketing capital.
So how exactly do we accomplish this and why are we different than any other legal marketing firm out there?
Great question.
Imagine you’re in a football stadium with 50,000+ screaming fans (go Broncos!).  Would you be able to immediately identify the 200 people in that stadium who are currently in the market for a personal injury attorney?
Most likely not, but our experts at Limelight have cracked the code to identifying, advertising to, and generating real-time personal injury leads.
The answer lies in having the right data.
Here at Limelight, we actively track 225M+ Internet users over 5B+ websites and use our proprietary algorithm to know exactly when somebody has entered the market for a personal injury attorney and, furt

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Hourly rates:
$15 - $25/hour
No. of Employees:
2 - 10
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