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We are an energetic team of 350+ software engineers. Yet, our impact far exceeds our size. We work with passionate innovators in startups and enterprises. We bring your bold new ideas to life.  
Passion for the craft
Ideas2IT started in 2009 in Silicon Valley as a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) consulting firm. Our founder, Murali Vivekanandan would serve as the CTO for some of his former coworkers. They were ex-Googlers. They had good ideas and were coming from the business side. They wanted a technology leader in their team. As their CTO, Murali tried to outsource the technology to various software companies. He tried within the US and also offshore.  This outsourcing did not work. Most of these firms wanted all the details upfront. Later it became all about scope management. The quality was also average. Murali then realized that building innovative products requires a totally different DNA. First, it requires a world-class team with a passion for the craft.  Second, it requires excellent architecture skills and a solution oriented mindset. Ideas2IT pivoted to solve this problem and started with a handpicked team of 6 engineers.
Product co-creation
Startup founders were the first customers. Startups were often lean and scrappy.  They wanted a company that had a product and innovation mindset. And an ability to think in their shoes. They wanted Ideas2IT to take a broad vision and build a product with very little help. One customer led to another and we have so far successfully helped over 75+ startups. We have also incubated three venture funded product companies – IdeaRx, Pipecandy and Element5. 
Innovation for Enterprises
Seeing our work with startups, many Enterprises come to us. They come to us for similar reasons.  They want help on their innovation initiatives. These often involve bleeding-edge technologies. They also wanted the partner to be transparent and trustworthy. That is where they often find a perfect match with Ideas2IT. 
Can we help you?
Here are a few questions to help you firm up your next steps: 

Are you looking to build a great product or service? 
Do you foresee technical challenges?
Is just good enough, not okay for you? 
Do you want to work with world-class software engineers? 
Do you want a passionate, committed and creative team? 

If you answered yes to the above questions, then you must talk to us.
We take up only those projects that are in our area of expertise. So, if we think we cannot excel at what you are looking for, we will tell you right away.

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