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As online marketers and data analysts, we make it our job to watch online trends and digital activity. One trend we encountered was an increase in the number of Corporate Marketing Teams, Small Businesses, and Entrepreneurs wanting the ability to be more involved in the ability to update and manage the content on their own websites giving them more control of their marketing schedule without having to be dependent on the schedule of the tech department or a third-party technical provider. The problem they encountered was a gap between their need for access and the technical knowledge required to make the updates. That’s where WordPress can help. When set-up correctly, we found that WordPress is the best option in bridging that gap. It offers the most user-friendly interface currently on the market which keeps things simple for businesses to access and update. With the varied Themes and Plugin features available to customize your website, it also makes your website functionality limitless! The best part is that most of the components are very affordable allowing you to work within strict budgets.

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Hourly rates:
$15 - $25/hour
No. of Employees:
2 - 10
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