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ChromeInfo Technologies

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ChromeInfo Technologies is a Full Stack Mobile Application Development Company based out of Noida, India. Founded in 2010 with a vision to support StartUps, Enterprises, and Agencies in moving on Mobile, we have successfully severed more than 150 clients around the world on over 600 projects.

We have diversified experience working on projects of different industries with some very challenging projects of hardware integration to complex database management. Our experience and expertise count on Healthcare, On-Demand, E-Learning, Entertainment, Real Estate, Social Networking, Sales and adding more every day we work.

ChromeInfotech team is known for delivering outstanding results in the most effective way to offer user-friendly experience to the end users. We have put down our research, brainstorming and technical efforts involved in working on some of the most interesting projects under our Case Studies.

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Hourly rates:
$25 - $50/hour
No. of Employees:
2 - 10
Year Established: